Living in Insanity

I have a two year old. Why do I say it like I’m in recovery, you ask?  If you’ve ever had a two year old, you know why.  Today he had time out for the same thing three times.  I felt like I was living in my own personal Groundhog Day (worst movie ever, other than Bill being in it, of course).

I caught myself thinking, ‘does he think he’s just going to get away with it this time or is he expecting a different result? How could he possibly think that?!’

During the third time out, though, mommy had her own moment.  God said, you are no better than he! You keep going down the same roads and I have to admonish you every time to protect you from yourself.

For I do not understand my own actions. For I do not do what I want, but I do the very thing I hate. -Romans 7:15

Look at the entire Bible.  Especially the storyline of the Jews.  Judges is an entire book of prayerful people moving forward with God, then getting comfy and deciding they didn’t need to obey or honor Him, then falling apart to return to Him….and repeat.  This is AFTER they wandered in the freaking desert for 40 years because they were disobedient!

It was such an eye opening moment.  God showed me why He took the time to discipline me, but I also understood the Love He had for me no matter what. It is all-encompassing and amazing.

After the third time, my son ran to me open arms for a huge hug.  To see him run to me and reciprocate my love for him made all of it better. I pray he is smarter than me and learns from each mistake to realize more of God’s beautiful plan for Him.  I pray the same for all of us.