Just Say It

So I started this blog because I felt called and challenged to do so.  For a long time, I didn’t hide my beliefs but I didn’t actively share my opinions surrounding them either.  I didn’t want the internet trolls to launch on me on Facebook or some other medium or to lose a friend who might have no idea and be freaked by my convictions.

It wasn’t a conscious effort, so I never really thought about it- just kept to myself thinking, people are generally dumb when they speak out online, and who are they to spew their rhetoric on the world.

I was then struck by something a friend said in a convo about being fearless in speaking out.  It’s funny because I am usually the opinionated one, but put me in front of the masses, and my hospitality takes over and I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

Now that I have a two year old, I am so in awe of his ability to say whatever comes to mind.  To have the freedom to be so open and honest. The other day on a family boat ride he let my dad, his Pops affectionately, know that he had big nipples.  You can’t make this stuff up.  Their is such joy and rest in saying it like it is!


My dad is now affectionately called gorilla ninnies by all the kids.

When that crazy kid is asleep, I don’t toss and turn wondering what he meant by something he said or how he is feeling about something I said to him. The best part about it is, I know he still loves me!

We hold back so much because of other people and what they may think, but God and our real people love us the most when we speak openly and truthfully.  We were made in His image to be honest and it was sin that shattered that relationship, so we have to fight every day to get it back.

Now I’m not saying as an adult you should go around talking about people’s nipples, but we could all learn a bit from lightening up and saying it like it is.



For Such a Time as This

14 For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place, but you and your father’s family will perish. And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?” Esther 4:14


Do you ever feel like the momentum is building and things are moving toward a point, and you can feel the excitement, or at least you hope it’s excitement for something good, because something good has to happen for everything that’s going on, and you feel like you’re just going to explode if there isn’t some amazing rainbow ahead, because aah! Don’t worry girl, you aren’t alone!

That’s simply the frightening stream of consciousness that happens in my brain.  It’s easy to feel sometimes like the hamster running on the wheel, and that you think you’re getting somewhere but in reality, you’re just the definition of insanity.

I’ve got news for you.  God never intended us to be unfulfilled and purposeless.  There is a point, and if we aren’t careful, we might miss an opportunity to grow, help others, or be blessed by His plan.

You see I’ve spent plenty of time in the desert, and Esther spent plenty of time preparing for some day she wasn’t sure would even come.  Miracle of miracles, the one in a million opportunity came, and because she prepared and walked in His plan, she was ready, and succeeded in being part of a miracle.

It’s hard to feel like you could be Esther when your kid pees on you, you’re late for work and you get in the car to find out you’re out of gas, but the simple truth is, God sends us through trials to be stronger and to be more aware of the opportunities around us. The problem is only compounded by just watching the news.  It’s all frightening and it’s all larger than we are. Because it isn’t always easy, we will value every victory that much more, and hopefully be thankful for them.

Whatever is happening in your world right now, remember that it could all be preparing you for “such a time as this.”  Lord knows, sometimes it’s what keeps me going through the day.  You are made for purpose and whether you see it or not, it is there!Stick to the plan.png