Give Like There’s No One Else

Recently, I was in a meeting and a charity came up someone had heard about in another town. The concept was simple and it was an event completely structured for the group at the table.  We were all well-equipped and excited about the idea. Keep in mind, in this meeting we were trying to select a new charitable activity for the group.

1 Peter 4:10 Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.

Someone suggested we host a similar event here.  The head of the meeting immediately shot it down, and said “we’ll just wait until that group comes here to do one.”  No one batted an eyelash.  I chimed in questioning why we would wait on a simple idea we could handle that would help many, and I was told they knew the way to do it, so when they started doing things here, then we could get involved. Wait. WHAT?

This logic is everywhere and it’s KILLING me.  The following just occurred and it is apparently normal logic?!

  1. We saw a need
  2. We had the tools to address said need
  3. We had people excited to help and a clear plan of action
  4. We chose to ignore the need because we expect an organization to eventually address it for us and maybe we can help?!

Am I being punked?  We were given everything we needed to help, but chose to wait for someone else to come along and do it.

It’s easy to not give and to hide your gifts when you don’t have to connect with your service.  How hungry would the world be if we all put a face and name on it.  Would you could a meal for 8 instead of 4 every night, if you knew their names and they lived next door?  You would figure that out, but we don’t want to share the pain, the discomfort.

I see so many political posts about wanting more government programs to fix this problem and that problem.  My question is “what are YOU waiting for?”  If you feel so passionately that a group or issue should be helped, how are you personally connecting to the problem, pouring your time or assets in to fixing it and actively looking for solutions?

Don’t bury your talent.  Don’t be that sad wasted gift.  Sitting in that room in that moment, it couldn’t have been clearer that I would, from that day forward. be incessantly hounded by serving where I could.  I pray the same for you 😀


Change is Hard (but so is everything).

19 See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland. Isaiah 43:19


I was 27, had taken a big promotion at a young age, and thought nothing could go wrong- then everything did.  I was one of those people who didn’t need God, because life was so good in some ways.  A six figure income in your twenties is the dream, right? There were a lot of contributing factors to everything that led to my abrupt look at what mattered, but essentially, I had to be so worn out to see what mattered and to see the core of God’s creation in me, that I had to leave that whole life behind. I found myself working over 100 hours a week every week, at odds with a new boss, and enslaved to the choices I had made to get ahead versus live. It was like ‘yay, I can buy all the shoes I want. boo, am I going to walk around my house in them, because I haven’t taken the time to make friends or go anywhere other than the office.’  It was not a life, y’all!

When everything changes in an instant and you are grounded in faith, you are miserable.  I was adrift in a hurricane inside, but around me, people were, well, living like nothing was happening.  I finally understood why people said they wanted to scream sometimes! I remember the moment my boss stopped in to chat, and I looked at him and said, “I can’t do this anymore,” and I walked out.  Miss goody goody wannabe overachiever just broke and said “PEACE!”  I was devastated as I got into the car, but then, it was beautiful.  I can still hear the long sigh I let out and it was gone. There was this relief and freedom like I had never felt before.  I mean, durh, I had a mortgage and stressful stuff, but I was taking a step toward a different life.

I look back now and know God had decided it was time to bring me back to Him.  There was a better, fuller life I didn’t know waiting, and had I continued along, I would have never seen it.  Why is it that we are so afraid to just change.  Even when things suck, we just are build to dig in more.  The funniest part is, many of us have experienced His grace and the outcome of obedience in change.  The next time it comes around, though, it’s like we can’t remember that He held us through the last one and is making a better place for us.  When the time comes to change lanes to get back to His grace or to receive a blessing that may come from hardship, may you not be afraid to put on your blinker and follow Him to the new road.  He will not lead you astray, and you will be better for it!


Is that word even possible today?  As women, it’s especially difficult.  We want to feel valuable, precious and important. We’ve been told we have to keep up.  We can do anything, but then we wake up one morning and find ourselves responsible for everything. We’re trapped in the web of life we’ve created and find ourselves running out of energy and stuck on a wheel that’s spinning too fast to get off, and the whole world lovingly tells us we can do it.

Psalm 139:13-14

 For you created my inmost being;  you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;   your works are wonderful,  I know that full well

We love talking about our children with the section of scripture, but what about ourselves. God loved us so much he spent time on our entire being.

Recently, I had a good friend break down to me about not being able to keep up with everything in her life from kids to the house and her job, not to mention her husband not always understanding. I found myself unexpectedly balling my eyes out with her. We both realized we felt like complete failures.  The more it has come up in convo lately, the more I’m learning we are all struggling with this.

Go back to the Psalm, though. We are freaking fearfully and wonderfully made! We have to STOP feeling guilty and not feeling like enough- enough mom, enough at work, enough wife. STOP IT! We have got to recognize that his grace is sufficient, and we are enough!